Winter Sessions

by Grayson Schick

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a collection of songs put together in the midst of this terrible winter. for and about my friends & family

words & music by Grayson Schick*

**Drank All The Wine by J Wagner
big thanks to him for letting me use this beautiful song!


released February 3, 2014

big thanks to Mark Albain from whom the artwork comes. check him out:



all rights reserved


Grayson Schick Middletown, Ohio

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Track Name: Remember
To my little boy, unborn and safe //
As you grow old, as you will some day //
Remember the words your daddy said today //

Your momma had quite the poker face //
Your daddy tried to walk as a man of faith //
But steeped in so much disgrace, my boy that's how you were made //

Keep in your mind these words //
Remember the wars and the gold your fathers fought for
And carry on this old kentucky soul //
O my sweet boy //

With eyes as dark as undrank wine //
It was for clay that your grandpa mined //
But your mamma Sue couldn't make him mind //

O and yes he sinned! Yet still a Saint //
His old heart it never grew faint //
I wish you would learn from him my son //
This war is never won
Track Name: Mouths To Feed
O I've loved the Sea since the day I could dream //
They said "don't leave yet, you've still got mouths to feed //
But I listened not, the day I signed those papers //
How I long for the work and smell of my father's stable //
And the food my mother put on the table //

Well the train's a'burnin and the cigarettes rollin in //
As the old sailor man sits watching the rain come in //
He thinks of the rain and the pain and all the ways he's losing //
And he longs of the day when he'll be buried in the blue //

Cursed be that Sea //
That stole away my family //
As I lie in this old sand //
I wonder when I ceased to be a man //
Track Name: Miss Caroline
All my friends, they been listening in //
And all my brothers, they been strugglin //
Waitin on that day, you said you'd move away //
It's been three years since, you wrote us off and waved //

You fled down south, went off route 4 //
Tween the river and your cloves //
Cincinnati where the old souls go //

Miss Caroline, what you done with all my friends? //
They been gone for some time //
Miss Caroline, you're always round here, but never on time //
You been drinkin all the best bad wine //
You done a number on us again Caroline //

All my mothers, you know I've had a few //
They been whisperin, cause they all disapprove //
And all my fathers, they been shakin their heads //
Can't believe all the crazy shit, coming out your bed //

Not sure where you buy your magic //
Maybe at the company store //
We're all praying for a Savior to come smash it on the floor //
Track Name: Drank All The Wine
Tears rolling down my face as I drift down 35 //
I thought it would be a brand new day as I told you goodbye //
I thought I would be a better man,
but lord knows I didn't think it through //
another cold cup of coffee and I'm coming home to you //

Drank all the wine that I could drink //
Sang all the songs that I could sing //
Told all the lies, told all the lies that I could tell //
and I'm coming home, coming home again //

It's hard to get away when you're running from the sun //
Those hazy nights of sweet cocaine when the moons the lucky one //
And my little lover I keep your song close to me //
Living off those day dreams nicotine and caffeine //

And it aint like it was when we were little kids //
You chewing on the bubble gum //
Throwing kisses in the wind //
so look at that new moon, it's always going to tell you the truth //
those apple fields and ghost towns i'm coming home to you //
Track Name: Ancient Day
Days roll by like thunder //
He's got demons in his chest //
Made it through Winter Spring and Summer //
Now the Fall beckons him next //

Broken flowers shout their laughter //
Some people wear pain(t) on their face //
Workin his hands harder than ever //
Still can't make no sense of all this grace //

Fear tells him he's alone //
Guilt says he's too far gone //
Then the liars sing their favorite song //
Somebody tell this old man he's goin home //

Flooded fields bleed their anger //
At the happy hearted passin by //
It never ends happy ever after //
We all live just to die //

Fear tells him he's alone //
Guilt says he's too far gone //
Then the liars sing their favorite song //
Somebody tell this old man he's goin home //

Then the Saints will sing their song //
All us sinners and country folk will join along //
We'll dance, and we'll laugh, we'll drink all the good wine //
On the Ancient Day we'll all be Home