Part Time River

by Grayson Schick

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Grayson is a daydreamer, writer, & creator 25 year old from Southwestern Ohio. Raised outside of Dayton, Ohio. Grayson first learned his craft by growing up watching & witnessing his father, mother, siblings, aunts, uncles, & cousins dance and sing at any opportunity. His mother taught him piano beginning around six years old. Due to a parental grounding and home lockdown, he then began playing guitar & writing at the ripe age of 14.

He’s been compared to David Ramirez, Gregory Alan Isakov, and the Decemberists. The work from his first EP was described as “just nostalgic enough to make you smile, but not enough to make you cry; aged enough to feel rusty, but not old fashioned”. His songs have been spoken of as “oaky with a raspberry finish to them”- melodies as “thoughtful” and his voice as “a distant & melancholy feel” while having a “musty quality”.

His EP was released in Feburary 2014 and his first full-length album Part Time River (produced by Joshua) was just released in December.


released December 1, 2014

Produced by Joshua James
Engineered and mixed by Joshua James and Jordan Clark
Mastered by Jordan Clark
Photography & Album Artwork- Mark Albain

All music & lyrics written by Grayson Schick*

*“City Parks” lyrics by Aaron Smigelski
*“Talk Of Heaven” chorus by Jonah Sage & Grayson Schick



all rights reserved


Grayson Schick Middletown, Ohio

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Track Name: Ancient Day
Days roll by like thunder
he’s got demons in his chest
Made it through Winter, Spring, and Summer
now the Fall beckons him next

Broken flowers shout their anger
some people wear pain(t) on their face
Been working his hands harder than ever
can’t make no sense of all this grace

Fear tells him he’s alone
guilt says he’s too far gone
Then the liars sing their favorite song
somebody tell this old man he’s going home

Flooded fields bleed their laughter
at the happy hearted passing by
It never ends happy ever after
when we all live just to die

Then the saints will sing their song
and all us sinners and country folk will join along
Then we’ll dance and we’ll laugh
we’ll drink all the good wine
On that Ancient Day we’ll all be home
Track Name: When He Lies With Her
She wants a man who will hold her hand and cry with her
Drinking wine in the country some nights
She wants a man not a list of plans like it’s always been
He can fix everything but her old heart

She wants a man who will smile again when he lies with her
Been makin love out of duty and not of choice
She wants a man who will smile again when he lies with her
Who can see through all the sin in her eyes

She said “my love return to me // The dust is gone and I can see

She wants a man not a list of plans like it’s always been
He can fix everything but her old heart
She wants a man who will smile again when he lies with her
Who can see through all the sin in her eyes
Track Name: Part Time River
Blue and red lights they been scaring you these days //
The wind it howls and cries down this old highway //
It’s been singing “where you been headed these days?” //

That old highway runs through the old farmer’s corn //
All the bad birds they been flying south with no remorse //
They been singing “where you been headed these days?” //

This morning the hills they smiled back at your eyes //
And you don’t know why but somethin in your bones know it ain’t right //
They been screamin “where you been headed these days?” //

I said “my friend where you been these days?” //
Seems like your grace got lost along the way //
And all you can taste is rye whiskey and shame //

The hound he sniffs he’s on another trail again
And he won’t stop till the blood spills and the marrow runs thin
Part time river he bathes in the morn
Part time momma he’s been beggin for

There’s a darkness that cover these skies some nights
There’s a man in your eyes when the money’s gettin tight
It’s like he don’t know the difference
‘tween disappointment and surprise
I’m gonna sing you this song, sing you this reprise

You’d sell all your breath for a pack of cigarettes
Maybe this old stale world can again taste fresh
Smokey times where they been lately?

So fix up that ol’ bike my ol’ boy
We’ll go riding we’ll go fighting playing war on the countryside
Smokey times where they been lately?
Track Name: Mouths To Feed
O I've loved the Sea since the day I could dream
They said "don't leave yet, you've still got mouths to feed”
But I listened not, the day I signed those papers
How I long for the work and smell of my father's stable

Well the train's a'burnin and the cigarettes rollin in
As the old sailor man sits watching the rain come in
He thinks of the rain and the pain and all the ways he's losing
And he longs of the day when he'll be buried in the blue

Cursed be that Sea
That stole my family
As I lie in this old sand
I wonder when I ceased to be a man
Track Name: Saint Jude
Won’t you pray for us Saint Jude?
I can’t recall if i’ve met you
Heard you been livin in Chicago
That’s as far west as you’ll go

Heard there’s some more sin on the coastlines
And if you claim to be Divine
Won’t you visit them up on the mountains
Or do you love it down below?

Come on, come Saint Jude
Why won’t you answer when I call to you
You just sit there and you haunt and you tease me
How can I help but hate Thee?
Why won’t you rescue the weak?

Why should we call out to a bookmark?
As you hide away in our little books
Can’t seem to find your real purpose
Outside of our money that you took

You tell us in your Word Saint Jude
To love all the folks as you do
But you’ve been dead for some time now
Sorry for the blasphemy
Track Name: Ms. Caroline
All my friends they been struggling
And all my brothers, they been wading in
Waiting on that day, you said you’d move away
It’s been three years since you wrote us off and waved

You fled down south, off Route 4
Tween the river and your cloves
Cincinnati where the old souls go

O Miss Caroline, what you done with all my friends
They been gone for some time
O Miss Caroline, you’re always welcome round here
but never on time
You been drinking all the best cheap wine
You done a number on us again Caroline

All my mothers, you know I’ve had a few
They been a whisperin, cause they all disapprove
And all my fathers, they been shakin their heads
They can’t believe this crazy shit, been coming out your bed

Not sure where you buy your magic
Maybe at the company store
We’re all praying for a Savior to come and smash it on the floor
Track Name: City Parks
Lately I’ve been walking to the soundtrack of the wind
Ending up in city parks all dressed in my tears again
I’ll sing a song about my rose and I’ll pick a daffodil
Throw it in my whiskey jar high on the windowsill

This poet ain’t so different from a prisoner in a cell
We’re both so full of heartache tales with no friends left to tell
And if you send me a matchbook I’d set those tales on fire
And build a big wall up to block out all the light

It’s hard keeping friends around
The preacher speaks so much of fear
“Take heart” they say, “this soon shall pass"
But it ain’t passed and it won’t pass

Wind picks up plum blossoms and I hear those wedding bells
Chiming in the distance paints my own dear brand of hell
This poet has no use for dead roses in the sun
Whiskey jars stack in the park as my soul comes undone
Track Name: Talk Of Heaven
You ain’t been callin anymore
I tried to come around
But this heart of gold, no of stone, it just ain’t no good

I’ve been trying to be kind
Tried my hand at being fair
I set off to prove this wrong but I failed

There’s some things you say they been worrying me
Your talk of heaven ain’t been helping
What can a man’s sorrow say when you just drive on by
And all your good love it’s all been wasted
All our green lights have all burned red

Now I’m exposed from all I’ve taught
Locked in this place that you bought
I’ve forgotten all the love we hate fighting for
Trapped in all your vain ways
Like the rain I’ll make my haste
But the water from this storm can’t flood my stains

They say there’s smoke up ahead
All our green lights have all burned red
We’ve been too scared to stop for so damn long
Track Name: Remember The Wars
To my little boy, unborn and safe
As you grow old, as you will some day
Remember the words your daddy said today

Yea your momma had quite the poker face
Your daddy tried to walk as a man of faith
But steeped in so much disgrace,
my boy that's how you were made

Keep in your mind these words
Remember the wars and the gold your fathers fought for
And carry on this old kentucky soul
O my sweet boy

With eyes as dark as undrank wine
It was for clay that your grandpa mined
But your mamma Sue couldn't make him mind

O and yes he sinned! Yet still a Saint
For his old heart it never grew faint
I wish you would learn from him my son
This war is never won
Track Name: As Long As She Calls Me Her Babe
My baby she left me for the hills this morning
Left me alone with this broke dog
O but we’ll get along, we’ll keep writing these songs
Sure as the ol’ sun shines away

My baby she sits working at the sowing machine sowing
Stichin up my smart mouth real nice
She’s wired that way to try and make me behave
She can’t help but talk shit out loud

O but she’s still my babe
She loves me she just don’t know how to say it
But I’ll forgive her, I won’t resent her
As long as she still calls me her babe

As long as she calls me her babe
As long as she calls me her baby
Yea, I’ll keep forgiving her, I won’t stop kissin her
As long as she still calls me her babe

Perched up reading on the sofa
Drinking those mimosas
Been stuck on page 10 for am month
O but she’ll soak it in
You best believe that she’ll win
The same argument this time next month